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As mentioned previously, Acupuncture and Manual Lymphatic Drainage are indicated for many of the same conditions.  In my experience, the combination of modalities has helped to alleviate many of the symptoms associated with a concussion, including pain/discomfort, lightheadedness, and visual problems.

Acupuncture has a regulatory effect on a person’s physiology, which makes it a great tool in a concussion recovery program.  Research has indicated that acupuncture can increase blood flow through several main arteries supplying the brain including the middle cerebral artery and basilar artery. Furthermore, it can also improve cerebral glucose metabolism(a process that is often dysregulated following concussion) and assist with pain management by reducing inflammation in the head and neck

Damage to the brain, including a concussion, can trigger an inflammatory response. Although inflammatory responses can be temporarily beneficial for the brain, they can be counterproductive. Inflammatory responses can lead to the accumulation of waste products in the brain if continued long-term, affecting the brain’s recovery and function. The brain has a lymphatic system, called the meningeal lymphatic system, which is responsible for clearing waste products and can be injured by impacts to the brain. An impaired meningeal lymphatic system would have a reduced ability to remove waste products, resulting in accumulation of waste and poorer recovery from concussion.

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