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Acupuncture Testimonials for Chris Jeffrey Acupuncture and Chris Jeffrey Wellness now located at Ocean Wellness

She has changed my life! I went in for pain in my hands and after a thorough consultation we discovered inflammation and digestive issues as well. It’s not just about the needles, which made a huge difference after my first visit (went in with a pain level around 7-8, left at a level of 0!), but what I was putting in my body and how much I was moving. She has given me amazing advice, suggestions and goals that have made all the difference in the world! I have done a 180 since my first visit. I have never felt better, slept better, pooped better. My inflammation has pretty much disappeared, my digestive issues are nearly gone and I haven’t had any pain in my hands in weeks! I also love the different variations of needle placement she does with each visit. And learning why she’s doing what she’s doing is also facinating! She knows what she’s doing and what she’s talking about!

She is the one to go to for whatever ails you! Do yourself a favour and go!

  A. White

Chris has been working with me through some hormonal imbalances after a couple of surgeries in the past. She's super easy to talk to and very diverse in her acupuncture approach. Whether I need some emotional work or sports therapy, She's my gal! My stress, anxiety & muscle tension melt away. Her passion is her clients success! How could you not want that as part of your health lifestyle??? Thanks for all you do Chris, I value all our time we share together.

 Mandi, North Vancouver

"Chris has a high level of knowledge and skill in her profession and she is a kind and gentle therapist. She recommended 'esoteric' acupuncture along with stress relief and it has certainly been improving my energy and health. I find our discussions prior to treatment have prepared me well for the sessions. Chris' office is very comforting and relaxing; she pays attention to details. I highly recommend Chris Jeffrey!!"

K.K. North Vancouver

"Very caring and skilled acupuncturist. Needles don't even hurt when she puts them in :) In addition, she investigates the root cause of your ailment(s) by tracking your eating habits, stress levels, and daily routines. She makes you feel very comfortable. Go see her!"

R.D. North Vancouver

Chris is extremely knowledgeable and amazing at what she does. I always feel so great after going to her, I've even convinced my partner to go to her. She's been helping me with varying issues; from pain, to digestive issues, to acne, to stress. Thank you Chris!


"Chris will make you feel important and a priority. She is VERY generous with her knowledge and time. Best money spent on myself in a long time. Merci beaucoup, Chris."

B.B. North Vancouver

"Chris was very professional and took a holistic approach to help me with many of my concerns. I received some immediate relief after my treatment which is the first thing that's made me feel a little less pain in a long time! Very thankful for her professional service!"

A.N. 100 Mile House

"Whether I have come in with physical or emotional pain to be treated, or looking to optimize my health, Chris instinctively knows which approach to take. I not only leave feeling already improved, but that feeling amplifies over the following days. I could not recommend her enough!"

M.G. North Vancouver

"One of the few acupuncturists who really listens, is a healer and kind person who you feel cares for you to get better. Her needles instantly help my stomach every time."

N.F. North Vancouver

"Amazing holistic practitioner!I am thrilled to have found Chris Jeffrey on the North Shore! Having had great practitioners in Vancouver I wanted to find someone closer to our new home. Chris is a highly skilled acupuncturist who is caring, compassionate, wise and very knowledgeable about the mind-body-spirit connection. I am so grateful to Chris for her expertise, wisdom and support. Thank you Chris!! "

E.S. North Vancouver

"Chris has an intuitive quality to her acupuncture treatments. She zeroes in on the pain and eradicates it! I'm so grateful for her attention to my pain and emotional body and feel a big difference in how I feel (and even think!). Thank you!! Jodi"

J.D. Vancouver

"Chris has changed my life! I suffered from IBS which limited my activities. A few sessions with Chris and her recommendations for eliminating some foods means I am now back to having fun. As well she helped bring down my stress levels. She is so knowledgeable and wants to eliminate one's issues, pain and discomfort, not just mask them. I highly recommend seeing her."

L.P. White Rock

Amazing Wellness Practitioner

"Chris Jeffrey is so great to work with. She really understands what you are trying to accomplish and puts a plan together to achieve your goals. For me it is high blood pressure, weight loss and stress management. No problem for Chris! I usually see results right away (my BP dropped by 12 points) and I am looking forward to the coming months!"

T.B.   North Vancouver

"I came to Chris because I was having trouble getting pregnant. After her initial assessment (which I was quite impressed with) I knew I was in the right hands. She is a very caring, knowledgeable and passionate health care provider that I would recommend anyone to. And thanks to her help I am 5 weeks pregnant! Thank you so much for your help!"

J.R. North Vancouver

"Chris has a superb knowledge base, superb energy and a lovely practice. I will be back again for sure!"

R.G. North Vancouver

"I started seeing Chris in April of last year, after two and half years of trying to conceive without any luck. My doctors had all told me that I had ‘unexplained infertility’, and that my only option was to start the process of IVF and IUI. For some reason my instincts all told me that we were not supposed to go that route yet, and my husband and I opted to keep going with acupuncture awhile longer. After almost 7 months of religiously getting treatments once a week, we decided to give ourselves a break. Turns out that those seven months were all I needed!! Exactly three weeks to the day after my last treatment, Chris was the first person I texted after taking a test (My husband already knew of course!). I am now four months along, and so so grateful that Chris was brought into my life. Acupuncture really does work miracles!!"

K.W. North Shore

"On November 11, 2014 I was rear ended and suffered a whiplash injury. Unfortunately, this happened two days before my Strongfirst Level 1 Kettlebell recertification. As a practising Kinesiologist and Fitness Coach, I understood that I needed treatment to relieve my pain and tension as soon as possible. Chris was recommended to me by a mutual client. She stayed after hours to treat me and I immediately felt better. She was kind, nurturing and encouraging throughout my entire treatment. She understood the nature of my injury as well as the physical demands of my training and sport. Not only did I pass all of my strength tests, I excelled! This would not have been possible without Chris!!"

Andrea Brennan, Practising Kinesiologist

BSc. (ATT) FMS 1, SFG 1.

It’s Time Fitness Results

North Vancouver

"I've had some intense and continuous pain in my left arm and in one session the majority of it is gone. Chris is great! Highly recommend her. Very thorough!!"

J.D. Vancouver

"I don't understand how acupuncture works, but it does work miracles. I am absolutely mesmerized by how relaxed I feel after my treatments with Chris and that the (low back) pain is completely gone as well."

R.P. Coquitlam

"Chris has been a fantastic help with my long battle with eczema. She has a deep understanding of how eczema manifests, and I am fortunate to have found her, after trying so many therapists who did not get the results that I have had after a couple of treatments. She is also great with chronic pain (neck, back, etc). Thank you, Chris."

M.I. North Vancouver

"It was my best acupuncture experience to date. I have tinnitus and fasciculation in my calves and very sore feet of which all were greatly reduced with just one treatment! Chris really listens and is generous with her time. I couldn't be happier and I will continue seeing her."

D.S. North Vancouver

"I had been dealing with tennis elbow on my right arm and another injury on my left shoulder that was causing me lots of pain and limited mobility. Both were causing me problems at work and also in my bodybuilding training. To be quite honest, I was skeptical about acupuncture, but now I can assure you that it works. Chris Jeffrey is one of a kind - she really knows what she is doing. After only 7 sessions the tennis elbow is totally gone and the shoulder is now pain free and has a much larger range of mobility. As a competitive bodybuilder, I strive to be the best I can be, so if you want great results, team up with Chris - she rocks!!"

P.T. North Vancouver

"I would recommend going for acupuncture with Chris Jeffrey. She is very knowledgeable and experienced, as well as a very kind and caring person. It is a pleasure to talk to her! She is healing not only as an acupuncturist but as a counsellor. The very first conversation took us about 40 minutes and Chris captured all my health and mental problems right away. I received a file with my diagnosis and a lot of priceless advice. My energy level improved and stress decreased significantly after the very first treatment, I believe, because Chris was listening and asking the right questions. She really helped me to open up and discuss all my issues."

M.M. West Vancouver

"This trained professional specializes in deep stress. She is confident, skillful and really has useful skills and prowess. I am so glad to have found this skilled Chinese Medicine Practitioner."

M.H. North Vancouver

"My 91 year old mother, who usually has weak legs, especially her knees, noticed an almost immediate increase in her leg strength after her treatment with Chris. She began sitting and getting up time after time in total surprise!"

K. Foy Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I was experiencing sustained pain and limited mobility in my left shoulder from a prior sports injury. As a result, my physical activity was limited, really affecting my quality of life. Chris, in a single acupuncture treatment, was able to substantially reduce the pain and provide me with significantly improved range of motion."

R.G. Seattle, WA

"I received acupuncture on my left thumb which was extremely sore and had limited mobility due to a fall. After one treatment I noticed a significant improvement. Another treatment one week later and I was pain free.

I am grateful, impressed, and will recommend Chris. With thanks"

J.D. North Vancouver

"Thank you so much for the treatment yesterday - I thoroughly enjoyed it! You have a lovely way with people, and I know the women in the program will feel very fortunate to have you. The two you saw yesterday loved the treatments, and will be back in two weeks time."

S. Stevens North Shore Women's Center

"Great service. Chris is a warm and friendly professional. Am feeling 100% better today thanks to the treatment. Can't believe the difference in so short a time."

S.C. West Vancouver

"Very knowledgeable and empathic. She took her time to get to know my dad's medical conditions and did both the Western style medicine checks along with the Chinese methodology. She is welcoming and an excellent listener. My father was pleased by her expertise and careful insertion of needles. Dad felt better, lighter after the session and was headache free. He will be back again!"

C.R. North Vancouver

"Chris was great..........caring, sensitive, knowledgeable, and very giving with beautiful attention to every detail!!! The office was immaculate and very peaceful!! I highly recommend Chris for acupuncture. Thank you Chris!! ."

C.B. North Vancouver

"Happy experience for my aging mother. First session appears to have helped her anxiety and she didn't have nightmares last night, which is wonderful!"

K.Y. North Vancouver

"Professional, warm, informative and spent time with me."

A.G. North Vancouver
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