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Meditation Classes

Meditation is defined as being in a state beyond every day consciousness where spiritual empowerment can take place. Spiritual awareness gives us the power to choose good and positive thoughts over those which are negative and wasteful. We start to respond to situations, rather than just react to them. We begin to live more harmoniously by creating happier, healthier relationships and changing our lives in a more positive way. Its in this state where we can also tap into the deeper wisdom of life and a joy that enables us to live with more purpose and meaning. Meditation differs from contemplation in that one must be sitting in silence without outside stimuli in order to get into a deep, meditative state. Contemplation is the act of looking/concentrating on something for a period of time, but you can be doing another activity at the same time such as walking.


One of the best things about meditation is that its accessible to people of all backgrounds and belief systems and can be done anywhere at anytime. And the health benefits of meditation are numerous because it helps to address the root cause of most illness we see today, which is stress. Consequently, meditation reduces anxiety, depression, muscle tension, headaches, and increases serotonin levels, boosts the immune system and improves energy levels.

Chris began studying Raj Yoga meditation (practiced with the eyes open) under the guidance of the Brahma Kumaris in Perth Australia in 1998. After moving to Canada, she attended a 10 day Meditation Retreat with The Vipassana Meditation Center in Merritt, B.C. (10 days of noble silence and approximately 12 hours of meditation per day), as well as meditation workshops with Vipassana in Vancouver and volunteered with the children's Vipassana day sits. More recently she studied Heart Rhythm Meditation in Vancouver, B.C.(working with the heart and breath to move energy).

As a health care practitioner, Chris encourages all of her patients to incorporate a meditation practice of some kind into their lifestyle. Many patients have said they find it difficult to stay focused during meditation or they don't know how to start a daily practice, so meditation classes are now available with Chris through her clinic.

Please contact Chris for class dates.

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