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Are You Ready to Stop Smoking?

Effective Treatment is Available!

Stopping smoking can be really challenging for most smokers. It takes 72 hours for the nicotine to leave your body after you stop, but the real challenge is to change the habit of smoking. Acupuncture treatments will assist in curbing the cravings and desire to smoke. With an effective plan in place, someone to be accountable to and regular treatments, you can give up smoking entirely. Contact Chris to discuss a protocol for you.


"Chris thanks for your email this morning, it shows that you really care about people’s health and are a true caregiver or healer. It has been 21 hours since my last cigarette and the cravings have been very mild. The guys were smoking out by their trucks this morning and it did not bother me at all. once I get all the nicotine out of my blood it should be even easier. I am so glad my wife found your blog and that I called you right away, I can’t believe how stress free this has been so far. The Patch or Zyban are a waste of time and money and only prolong the misery of nicotine addiction."

D. Morrisette

"I have been a smoker for about 25 years. Many times I have tried to quit and nothing seemed to work. I have used champix, inhalers, patches and gum all of these failed. About 8 weeks ago I decided to try the combination of acupuncture and hypnosis.

I am now smoke free, no cravings or relapses. I can be around others that smoke and it doesn't bother me at all. I have my sense of taste and smell back and best of all I can breath and no more bad cough. I can't thank Christine enough for the life changing treatment I received."

E. McAlony

"Am still a non smoker :0) (one year after treatment). Thank you for all you do."

W. Duncan

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